pycic: Python client for CIC

pycic is an MIT licensed client, written in Python, that lets you interact with the CIC (Centro de Integración Ciudadana) API.

pycic currently works with the nl and sal accounts. You might notice that nl is the default account, but you can change quickly that behavior at the moment of the instance creation, for example: Report(account="sal").

Feature support

  • Supports multiple accounts.
  • Retrieves all the available Groups, Categories and Reports.
  • Limits the number of reports to retrieve, also, you can filter for category or dates.
  • Creates new reports.
  • Supports for proxies. You can find more details in the Examples section.
  • Are you asking yourself if pycic works with Python 3?, Yes, the following is a list of Python platforms that are officially supported:
    • Python 2.6
    • Python 2.7
    • Python 3.2
    • Python 3.3
    • PyPy

API Documentation

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